Terms & Conditions

Maximum Occupancy:

Only the number of people designated on booking and check-in may stay in the property overnight. You will be advised of the maximum occupancy per room. Any extra people will be advised to leave. Due to fire safety regulations only the maximum occupancy is allowed.


The motel unit is not be used as a gathering place for partying or the like and is not to be used for unlawful purposes. Guests are requested to adhere to rules ensuring every guest peaceful enjoyment of the location as any disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.


Underage guests will be denied access to the motel unless accompanied by a responsible adult for the duration of their stay.

Unit Inspections:

Should the managing agent’s opinion be that there is has been or is likely to be a breach of these terms and conditions, the Managing agent may inspect the motel unit(s) at any time without notice.


If the guest receives a warning or the occupancy is terminated and the guest fails to comply with the vacation notice the manager will be authorised to do whatever is legally required to enforce the eviction on any Guest and the removal of the Guest’s property.


You agree any monies or other valuables, goods or vehicles that belong to you, brought in or on to the rooms, grounds or car-park remain your responsibility and we are not responsible for their safekeeping.


No pets or animals are allowed in the motel grounds or units at all. Eviction and fees will apply.

Personal Property:

No responsibility is taken for any property left by a guest at the premises (Please check all wardrobes and drawers before vacating the property). We will store any ‘found’ lost property until collection can be made.

Security, Fees & Charges:

Entry in to River Esplanade Motel is conditional upon supply of a valid Credit Card (details of which are taken upon booking or arrival) and/or Bond Money and driver’s license. These details are taken for the security of the room and for incidentals not paid for.

On arrival any outstanding monies are to be paid directly to the motel. We accept MasterCard, visa, diners, amex and cash. Payment by cheque will only be accepted by prior arrangement.

If in the course of a guest’s stay, should any unforeseen expenses become apparent the guest’s credit card will be charged an amount appropriate to the expense, at a rate determined by the management of River Esplanade Motel. In the case of a bond, the bond funds will be held until such time that all costs associated with the said expenses are recovered.

There are NO Refunds for early or unscheduled departures.

Fees chargeable to guest accounts may include, but are not limited to:

NO Smoking - all units are non-smoking, smoking in the unit will attract a minimum $100 fee plus possible fire brigade fees.

Room degradation (such as vomit, bodily waste, general damage, or any problem sufficient to result in a room being withdrawn from its availability to be let).

Stolen or damaged room items

The above result in fees of $100+ and furthermore, should the room be considered in an un-saleable condition, extra daily room tariffs to be advised by the management, in accordance with business demand on the day may be charged.

Lost or stolen keys: $20 replacement fee

Managers reserve the right to refuse return guests who have caused damage or disruption to the motel and its guests.

Cancellation Policy:

We don’t accept cancellations or changes to bookings.

New Years Eve Bookings:

Names of all guests staying on New Year’s night is required as a security guard is on duty allowing only the people booked into the motel access to the motel.